Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC), also referred to as the “Academy,” to provide fair, impartial, job-related instruction. The training provided will be demanding, as is the job of law enforcement.

The Academy staff will provide a positive, professional environment for recruits so that they may acquire needed knowledge, develop necessary physical skills and become confident in their ability to become successful peace officers. The basic training program will be emotionally, academically and physically challenging to recruits while emphasizing individual responsibility. In order to assure the best possible chance of future success, autonomy and teamwork will be stressed and required. The overall training experience will be one that emphasizes dignity, respect, integrity and discipline.

Instructors and staff shall not demean or embarrass recruits, but will hold them accountable for completion of assignments and will assure compliance with all rules, regulations, and requests.